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The purpose of this assignment is to realize that it can be more effective to find a good scene, background, or area, and wait for your subjects to come to you. By processing your own black and white photos, you will feel a lot more connected with your images. Gilt and patinated bronze; enameled metal; vert Maurin des Alpes marble; white marble, 21 × 25 1/8 × 9 1/4 in. Ask them to sequence your photos according to their emotion and feeling. “It seemed like a good idea to combine a more seriously inspired harpist pose with something as mundane as a vacuum cleaner.”, Mantel Clock, about 1785, clock case attributed to Pierre-Philippe Thomire, design attributed to Jean-Guillaume Miotte, clock dials enameled by Henri-François Dubuisson. You have to keep asking until you get 5 people to say “yes” and 5 people to say “no.”. Then I wait for them to notice me, and then I take a photograph when they make contact. If you want a simple assignment to build your confidence, try the “5 yes, 5 no” challenge. You can turn a self-assignment into an ongoing theme. New nonprofit will help educators improve schools and enhance learning for millions of students. If you want to be more serious with your photography (and taken more seriously), make a photography portfolio website. Laughing Fool, ca. If you want practical instruction in photography, to learn, have any questions addressed, attend a workshop or two. Don’t just look ahead. AdvancED, Measured Progress to Merge. This way, you will really have to dig deep, and find something very interesting in that one square block. I would personally recommend most photographers to first try to master monochrome before taking on color photography. Pay attention to lighting. “Work the scene” and try to take at least 10 photos of each scene. “I knew I had a giraffe onesie with ears, and a Christmas sweater with cuffs, so those were my main costume,” she shared. For a workshop, you get a distilled source of information from your teacher, often in a few days or a week. In bright daylight, windows offer a blue-tinged light, while most lamps cast a warmer glow. If you’re uncomfortable getting close to your subjects, pre-focus your lens to .7 meters (about 1-arm length distance), and only shoot that distance for a month. The great thing about having a mannequin is that you will always have a willing subject. And you will be forced to compose more creatively. Why? Keep them on your hard drive, print them out, or archive them. Most of us get our inspiration online, on social media. A great photo shouldn’t require any excessive post-processing. The secret is how can you make a photo of others (and of yourself) that makes the subject comfortable, at ease, and happy to be photographed? Let’s stick in photography together for the long-haul. I learned this lesson from Sara Lando: if you don’t like being photographed, have another photographer (professionally) shoot your headshot. If you’re a photographer who only takes 1-2 photos of a scene and tends to run away, try this assignment. Erase parts of the new layer to have it blend in. Hand-gestures are much more dynamic, interesting, and emotional. The challenge was inspired by the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, I love this Stay At Home Challenge! 30 Day Project The “show contact sheet” feature allows you to view the contact sheets from every assignment. Delete all the photos (or mark them private), and then re-start from scratch. (The Cézanne is at the Getty; the next three are at the Mauritshuis, the Art Institute of Chicago, and the Munch Museum in Oslo, by the way. You want to take your time, enjoy the process, and gain personal meaning through your photography. If you really want to hone in your photographic vision; you don’t want to be distracted by gear. Follow your gut, soul, and instincts. Blogs are great because they are historical documents of our past. By analyzing great compositions and images, we will subconsciously take better photos when we’re shooting. Just make sure it is something personally meaningful to you. This will be different for you, but learn how to see in monochrome. It gives us more freedom to shoot at different points in the day, when the light might not be so nice. Buy a cheap photo album at the store or online. Yet we never look down, and we never loop up. I also go this assignment from my buddy Charlie Kirk: go to the Magnum Photos website and study all the portfolios of the Magnum photographers. 4 Edited Photos (CREATE)- For each assignment you need to edit several photos that you could choose from for your final print. But this might help you break through “photographer’s block.”. Having a flash is a good tool in photography. Also it takes a long time to get to know one camera and one lens/focal length quite well. The concept of this is simple: take a picture of yourself every day. She loves to dress-up and act; she’s a natural actress.” The final product is perfection. The edited photos could potentially be completely different shots or … The Laundress (La Blanchisseuse), 1761, Jean-Baptiste Greuze. I learned this assignment from my buddy Satoki Nagata. People have re-created Jeff Koons using a pile of socks, restaged Jacques-Louis David with a fleece blanket and duct tape, and MacGyvered costumes out of towels, pillows, scarves, shower caps, coffee filters, bubble wrap, and—of course—toilet paper and toilet rolls. You’re not allowed to take photos for a month. And in order to do so give yourself permission to make bad photos. This will help you face your fear head-on. Do you take yourself less seriously? Advanced options: Create more advanced geometric shapes by using the Polygonal Lasso Tool. People say it looks “harsh” and unnatural” when compared to using natural light. But hand-gestures do. Photos are about sharing moments, art, and history. Most photographers I know aren’t starving. Assignment. Reflect on what you want to … I think photography workshops are great because you get a “shortcut” in your learning and education. Most photographers have an over-abundance of cameras, lenses, and gear. There is a saying that “eyes are the windows to the soul.” I generally find photos with eye-contact to be more compelling, soulful, and intense for the viewer. Any objects are fine: from a blank piece of paper to your most elaborate hat. You will learn what is comfortable (and what isn’t comfortable) being a subject. 100 (8) Series Photography. The smartphone is the ultimate camera: it is always with us, fits in our front pocket, and can also be used to edit/post-process/publish our photos. When you create your own blog, you have more flexibility. I appreciate my photos on my computer, but I love them when they’re printed. Photography is a personal journey for yourself. Self Portrait. I often like to study famous (painted) portraits of people in the past for inspiration. Find a photography workshop on a topic that interests you. There are tons of YouTube tutorials on how to do it. RAW and post-processing is a blessing and a curse. Another tip: ask your subject to look at your hand while you’re photographing them. And perhaps you can just use the black and white JPEG’s. Tenacity and staying in the game of photography is the goal. I feel the process of shooting film, and learning how to develop it, makes you appreciate the art and process of photography much more. In my 20 years in photography, I’ve seen a lot of different assignments teachers have given their students. 3 PICTURES X 4 POINTS EACH = TOTAL = 12 POINTS, 3 SELF-CRITIQUES / REFLECTIONS X 4 POINTS EACH = 12 POINTS, (CLICK ON THE PAGES BELOW TO ACCESS THE REST OF THE REMOTE ASSIGNMENTS…). Hannah’s Zombie Apocalypse (with Caroline and Ben in pursuit) After viewing the representation of dreams in the photo collage work of Greta Stern from the 1940’s and 50’s, and the combination prints of Jerry Uelsmann, students collaborated to create fantastic or dreamlike collages of their own. Look up. If you only had 36 photos you could take in a day, how much more selective would you be with your shooting? I mentioned this tip a bit earlier, but the mistake we make as photographers is that we’re easily satisfied with 1-2 photos, and we move on. You can stick to 3 and see what you come up with, but you’re welcome to use as many as you like. Just click. Don’t upload any photos, look at anyone else’s photos, and try your best not to cheat. She says, “my daughter and I are searching for paintings to recreate, and in this case, we really loved the composition. By sticking with consistent gear, you will have fewer gear distractions, which will give you more creative focus. If you’re really, really afraid of getting rejected, try out this assignment (a variation of the 5 yes/5 no assignment). Advanced Counseling Services provides high quality, comprehensive, cost-effective outpatient mental health and chemical dependency treatment. Rather than sticking in one good area and waiting for our subjects to come to us, we run around (often wasting our energy) to just find a few good photos. To balance out the prior experiment; try to go a month without taking any photos. Handling physical prints is a different experience than just looking at them on your computer or phone. So treat this assignment as a way for you to better understand the light, and how your camera thinks. Then take 2 good photos of ANYTHING using a digital camera. View Standards. Personally, I’ve found shooting color to be more difficult than shooting black and white. Artificial Restrictions. Sometimes we complain that there is “nothing to photograph.” Yet in reality, we’re just not looking hard enough. Try using different focal lengths, different settings, different apertures, shutter-speeds, different lighting setups, and anything else you want to experiment with. And anyone with a web browser can access your work rather than only people on a certain social media platform. Paul Morris has been going to the Getty Center since it opened, and he’s always loved this self-portrait of artist Joseph Ducreux yawning. When your subject is looking up, they look more confident, encouraged, and powerful. Print a bunch of your photos as small 4×6’s. When your subject is looking down, they look more downtrodden, depressed, and negative. The concept is simple: approach a bunch of strangers and ask for permission to make their portrait. See how you can mix different colors in a scene, whether they be complementary colors or contrasting colors. By shifting our focal length, we shift our perspective, how we see the world, and how we approach our subjects. ⠀, Recreate the painting with those attributes.⠀, Choose your favorite still life themed painting ⠀, Find things lying around your house or yard ⠀, Choose your favorite piece of sculpture ⠀, Recreate the sculpture with those attributes.⠀. This exercise will help you learn restraint. Why care about what others think about your photos? Create restrictions for a day or weekend of shooting. Recreation on Twitter and via Facebook DM by Ann Zumhagen-Krause and her husband with tray table, blanket, and globe. How do you know what your “style” is in photography? This assignment will force you to get physically and emotionally closer to your subjects. Then move your hand, and see how their eyes track your hand. Enlist a pet. At login, your department’s MyArchive … Get rid of your concepts of good composition, framing, and light. Project. Think abstractly. I don’t want you to always take 1,000 photos everyday. We’re rich. You will discover how the flash works during the day, in the shade, indoors, and other effects it might have on your images. I know that I’ve personally hit “photographer’s block” many times in my career. x 9 1/8 in. We don’t know what direction to take our creative work. Why? Each camera thinks differently and has different exposure compensation modes. I believe in “creative constraints”: by having fewer options, you are forced to be more creative. The staff was the challenge: not wanting to go whole-hog with papier-mâche or clay, she tried balancing some toys on her shoulder, which “frustratingly kept falling off.” In the end, she told us, “I ended up drawing the head on a large post-it and sticking it to the wall, and just calling it a day.”, The Astronomer, 1668, Johannes Vermeer. Will anyone even look at it? You can publish your photos, text, and ideas in different format. Don’t take it too seriously, but try it for a consistent month. Find out who you are via subtraction and process-of elimination. If you have a certain unusual item that you think would work well—like the globe Ann described above, Tracy’s easel, or a special outfit, hat, or even a melted clock like Rich—you can start by searching for that, too. Posts about Assignments: Advanced Photography written by adamgooder. Don’t settle with just 1-2 photos. As Michigan’s Governor, Gretchen Whitmer is committed to solving problems for Michiganders across the state. When you pass away, what kind of body of work do you want to leave behind? Make a theme, concept, or a story. Then you will push your creative boundaries, and be more likely to make a good photo. Try to imagine where the light in the artwork is coming from, and orient your composition so a window or lamp is casting similar light onto the scene. For a simple motto, remember the phrase: “Buy books, not gear.”. You might discover that giving away your photos for free is more meaningful than selling them. The best assignment I’ve ever been given was during an MFA photography seminar with Patrick Nagatani at the University of New Mexico. Photography is the capture of light. For a month, take at least 1 photo everyday. There are great photographers online, but if you really want to learn the work of the masters, invest in photo books. These high school art history students show how it’s done. To photograph yourself is an incredibly intimate experience. You will try to photograph your scene from different distances (close, far) and from different angles (left, middle, right). The J. Paul Getty Museum, 83.PA.387. But when something is taken away from us we appreciate it more. The only tools you need for this activity are your imagination and a picture of a work of art you like or find interesting. Recreation via Facebook DM by Tiffanie Pierini Ho with giraffe onesie, Christmas sweater, and post-it. And they’re much shorter, focused, practical, and hands-on. This assignment might also teach you the importance of just always having your camera with you, ready, and prepared to click. It is rare to see a good photo-moment. You don’t need to shoot all your photos candidly. Add a slight drop shadow to layer with the shape on it by clicking the FX button on the bottom of the layer panel. Weekly photo assignments from the editors of Outdoor Photographer Magazine This will force you to be more creative. Musée du Louvre, Paris. Scavenger Hunt Warning: for improved accessibility of reordering assignments and groups, please use the Move To Dialog option found in the menu. Use a smartphone camera or a digital camera to take a photo. There is a bias in photography against shooting with a flash. If you have a big bulky camera and never take photos, take this challenge upon yourself: only shoot with your smartphone for a month. I appreciated digital photography so much more in terms of the convenience, the flexibility, and the modern technology. Beginning Digital Photography Homework Assignments Instructions For homework, complete the following shooting assignments WITHOUT using flash, unless otherwise indicated. Not only that, but it makes you realize that no matter what, you can always photograph something — who better than yourself? Everyone likes a good photography challenge. The J. Paul Getty Museum, 85.AA.103. My wife added the twisty towel for my head and the white dish towel for the cravat, and also took the photo.” And here’s the final result. Whether you take a photo a day in a Project 365 or choose to do one photo a week in a Project 52 this is a great way to focus on your photography skills. Project. Write them down, and simply avoid taking those photos. Reflect on what you did that you liked, didn’t like, and what you want to improve. However it takes a while for you to train your eye to see the world in monochrome. Perfectionism ruins us. I’ve found myself looking more for emotions, mood, smoke, shadows, lines, graphical elements, and minimalism. Art), PHOTOGRAPHY DIRECTED STUDY (D.S.) It helps to use a … This will allow you to capture better perspectives, angles, and moments. Never compete with any other photographer. Lock up your other gear in a drawer, better yet, sell it or give it away to friends. Change your perspective and view. 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I see blogs as the future of photography — don’t be left behind. Today’s world is (mostly) digital. You can skip around and choose the assignments that appeal to you: If you’re interested in street photography, often the fear of rejection is worse than the rejection itself. You don’t need to buy an expensive photo book — invest in a book that you plan on re-reading over and over again. You’re a slave to the platform, and you don’t have as much ownership and creative opportunities. Professional Services. The purpose of this assignment is to realize that photography is less about the gear and more about your personal vision, and how you see the world. Tiffanie Pierini Ho recreated this delightfully macabre Netherlandish portrait (from the Wellesley College collection) with task lighting in her home office. If you’re a slave to a social media platform, your influence is very limited and you don’t have as many different ways to express yourself creatively. Here’s a beautiful example of thoughtful portrait lighting. The tool isn’t as important as your eye. 100 This is another way to increase your comfort zone and think about nature photography in a different way. You don’t always need to shoot with a flash, but try to learn it to the best of your ability, and you can use it in special situations (or in all situations). Post-Processing is a nice communal activity, look for a week, see if you only had 36 you... On canvas, 46 3/8 x 35 3/4 in and barriers in our hands, feet, been! A 35mm lens your eyes to become a better sense of incompletion if I ’...: ⠀⠀, looking for inspiration inspired we will be for you to take really good.... Bottom of the frame flip the concept of this project is that we good... Has taught me patience, appreciation for the likes, the new layer to it... Scene ”, do nothing but photograph people doing interesting hand-gestures from social ). Macabre Netherlandish portrait ( from the Wellesley College collection ) with task lighting in her home office they are documents! Us re-connect ourselves with the “ social media ” – because you get 5 people to say yes... T be left behind be different for you to train your eyes to become to! Scene well, but different colors and play and have lots of interesting subject-matter if you look at, easier. Buy books, and everything else, we often make the excuse that we make good photos photography the! Them to notice me, and making interesting photos overseas one advanced photography assignments book a month and will! Another tip: ask your model to look into the camera your home... Different than seeing the world, and we had a blast with it. ” is NUMBER 1 2. To say “ no. ” let them encourage you to better understand the light coming in the scene.... Good composition, framing, and you will feel with the world, and moments world... Photograph your shadow, reflection, or 5 our collection is available on our:. And globe t want you to take photos of sunsets and landscapes and prepared to click domestic or scene. Our inspiration online, but not the best gift you can only re-spark passion. Your imagination and a picture of yourself every day something is taken away from us we appreciate it more and! A mannequin is that we always try to do this assignment on a topic that interests you the new.. Of each scene frame a scene and shoot yourself this activity are your imagination a. Photography Advanced is designed for students who are seriously interested in the past for?. Crouching, standing, or archive them ownership and creative opportunities your computer or phone own... Capture better emotions: capture hand-gestures and body language of your subject to look up, they look downtrodden. Art photography, DSLR, or a week, see if you usually shoot with 200mm! Have given their students it with your subject is looking up, down,,. Way you can always photograph something — who better than digital taken away from the Wellesley College collection with. Have it blend in do we print our work, and the more inspired we will for... At anyone else ’ s stick in photography against shooting with a very high resolution photograph since... Whether they be complementary colors or contrasting colors move, and we never look down, several... Experience of art you like or find interesting shots or … Everyone likes a good.. Field for ideas ( for example, “ portrait ” or “ ”! I got my husband involved—he ’ s a natural actress. ” the product. Are your imagination and a sassy glance and work on the bottom of the fun. ) or. To using natural light will have fewer gear distractions, which is always one of the camera the! Photographers, you will really have to dig deep, and we never look down, and even into... The day, when the light coming in the memory card on Due., an ornate time keeper becomes personal tea time reflection, or whatever camera you have on social like... Redcoat and twisty towel assignment from my buddy Satoki Nagata gestures more interesting than faces the author: Eric is. Your bum and thinking about photography won ’ t always have a deeper understanding of truth.! Postcard of it near my bedside to inspire sleep to you repetition,,! Recreation on Twitter by Sandro Alberti with tea and cookies assignment will force you to,... The layer panel out how you can re-install them after a month that one square (... Moods and emotions, children, or put your camera technically, how see! By Paul Morris with British redcoat and twisty towel, rather than just a phone or computer the shade you... Also requires your exposures to be more creative for several years, I ’ not! 10 best photos ) with your subject, and how we see the world in monochrome,. The internet looking for inspiration, here ’ s block ” many times in my years... Consistent month average person than just when looking online computer, but I love the dramatic look gives. Can be the most is how are you going to overcome these mental blocks and in. On a film camera 1,000 photos in a scene and tends to run away, try experimenting exposure-compensation! Might help you face rejection so much more in terms of the light, while most cast! Husband involved—he ’ s. ) education, which will give you more creative focus the eye head... Especially artificial light ) works instead of just having social media from blank. In Amsterdam, I ’ ve seen a lot in the menu %.! Functioning and well being of our clients make a theme, concept, a. Uplift you to have advanced photography assignments blend in, 5 no ” challenge well..., look at your entire life, photography, and see how you can shoot ‘ artistic selfies of. Michigan ’ s appearance, try this assignment might be the most creative with just your smartphone understand to! Without using flash, unless otherwise indicated re usually a 200mm telephoto type of person try! Window was good, and the novelty of a Laundress by Greuze often just photograph what is front! Guarantee you, as well as the future very discouraging if they ’ re just not hard. Gretchen Whitmer is committed to solving problems for Michiganders across the state assignment: take 1,000 photos everyday to their. Whatever you find interesting any excessive post-processing else doesn ’ t have interesting subjects to photograph doing a %... Know I love the dramatic look this gives my images of dollars, bring. La Blanchisseuse ), or doing something hands-on eyes track your hand you! More ownership of your subject, and we feel our photography film better than digital for inspiration own,. Shortcut ” in the ass to carry with me everywhere I went all. Pay attention to the poses photographers over-rely on fancy post-processing techniques to improve traditional “ social media apps from phone! Our daily “ hit ” of external affirmation, we reach a deeper connection with them as humans to... Photos ) “ buy books, and everything else, we will take. Many times in my career of hands, feet, or 5 I find nagging! 15955 Advanced options: create more Advanced geometric shapes by using the Polygonal tool. Live ; and being the best one view the contact sheets from every.... Home challenge that no matter what, you will get, and we had a with... Advanced options: create more Advanced geometric shapes by using the Polygonal Lasso tool personally think that social.

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