do you staple underlayment for laminate flooring

I would be doing all of the house except bathrooms. No underlayment will fix major subfloor imperfections like you mentioned. I’d recommend this 3in1 underlayment that has a built in moisture barrier. This saves you the time and money associated with installing a separate vapor barrier. I am not to fond of that flooring and would like to put a different flooring in the bedrooms that is 7 MM thick. Thank you Alana for your quick response. Be sure to check out our selection of underlayments as well: Hi Robert – that is a great question! I will be installing Coretec Plus XL over concrete in my basement. I hope this helps you. Adding additional underlayment can void warranties if the flooring was not installed correctly. I am putting 30mm of extruded foam insulation then particle board then a thin plastic sheet then cork and laminate flooring. The biggest issue with an un-level subfloor is that it can compromise joints and the laminate can sink, or feel hollow in places that are not level. I need to lay the entire floor area. So, who’s the genius who determined that OSB stands for ‘Oriented Standard Board’? Installers usually lay the underlayment on the floor and start installing the laminate flooring on top. Wonder about underpayment…? Great question! Good luck on your project – don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any additional questions! Part of the series: Flooring Installation & Maintenance. Never had any moisture issues with the carpet and no sign of water/mold under the particle board that was resting on the concrete. Some of these underlayments also have vapor barriers attached, so be sure to look for these as you will get more bang for your buck if you’re installing over concrete subfloors. Required fields are marked *. The flooring is actually on top of the sub-floor without the use of nails or fasteners. If you are worried about moisture, you could use this vapor barrier film: Hi. 95% of the time, they will recommend a 6-mil vapor barrier to be installed underneath the flooring. I know the cork wont provide much softness or bounce but I am wondering why it isnt listed as I would think cork would provide excellent sound dampening, hopefully reducing some of the hollow noise laminate tends to leave. You should put the luan down before the felt. PLEASE tell me – what is the best underlayment for shock-absorbing comfort (for the 8mm Mohawk Carrolton laminate being installed over a concrete subfloor)? Underlayment 4. I'm hoping to save a few bucks and just reuse what's there, but I don't want to have a problem down the road. Usual vinyl underlayment is 1.5mm or less. I am installing a 7 mm laminate floor over an existing vinyl floor. It comes with an added vapor barrier which will keep out the moisture and it comes with an overlap and adhesive strip for easy installation. … Me, again. This is the perfect option if you are laying a floor which has a pre-attached underlayment on a concrete slab or any other stone floor where there is potential for moisture. If you’re going to install a rigid core or a thicker vinyl, you may be able to get away with an underlayment that will help smooth out the surface. I sell flooring and a lot of the Vinyl and Laminate Flooring I push already has a backing on it but it doesn’t have nearly the cushion that some of the others but I’M SUPER GLAD I read about doubling up on underlayment as it could weaken the joint holding the flooring together. It is ok and helpful to do so? Starting from beneath and working its way up, these layers consist of: It’s a given that laminate does require a layer of underlayment. You can find them here: and Hi David! Hi Tom! These are the most popular choices with contractors, due to their low price and effectiveness in allowing the laminate floor to float. I don’t know if this is good or bad. Similar to the Feather Step™ vapor 3-in-1 underlayment, the Floor Muffler® is made of a cross-linked polypropylene to give it more density. Hello! Hi Danielle! Let us know if you have any other questions! Hi Lisa! Feel free to give us a call 800-520-0961 or order online! Hi, this is great information. I can’t do cork alone due to teenagers and pets. View them here: Flooring Underlayment Tutorials. 2. Let us know if you have any additional questions! If so, what can I do to fulfill the sound dampening requirements? Thank you for any assistance you can give. Floor Muffler Ultraseal Silent Flooring Underlayment – IIC Rating 74 Hi Bib, thanks for the question. Most LVP flooring is water-resistant (some types are even waterproof) and it's also very durable, able to resist dents, dings, scratches, and stains. Should we consider laminate, luxury vinyl or something else and what about underlayment? By then I will be retired and the next owner can deal with it. We plan on putting pergo laminate. There is no fastening the underlayment to the subfloor. If you have any questions about the installation of materials, Go Mobile Flooring is happy to assist. However, the floor was previously carpeted and glued down. It’s Oriented >>STRAND<< Board. A 2-3mm underlayment will be fine for you. I think a high density rolled product might be better as it would just lay and conform to any small inconsistencies in the slab. Can you please recommend your top 3 options? Underlayment is generally a layer of cushioning usually made of materials such as foam or sponge rubber. What do you recommend? Hi Jody, yes all of our underlayments can be used with radiant heat. The floor muffler will provide excellent sound and cushion on its’ own. Hi Alice, unfortunately, we do not ship to Europe. Choose an underlayment, like Floor Muffler or Roberts Super Felt, that will give you a high sound reduction rating. The STC rating pertains to airborne noise, such as voices, radio, television, etc. Thanks for your question. I pulled up a laminate floor installed by previous owner a few weeks ago that had a felt with vapor barrier underlayment on concrete subfloor. Hi Marianne! All five of these silent underlayments are suitable for most installations where sound dampening is key. ” but it is never addressed. My house is one year old and I am finishing the basement. Along with the underlayments listed above, we have many more options for your laminate flooring underlayment. Worried a little about condensation in the summer as well. Within a few weeks, the planks started separating and there is sever bounce in the flooring. We bought 12MM + 3MM padding Kingsington Manor laminate flooring from Lumber Liquidator. No, you would not use any underlayment if your laminate flooring has pre-attached underlayment. How to Install Underlayment for a Laminate Floor With Staples. This is for the ground floor of a single-family home, if that matters. The vapor barrier will help to keep the slab drier. This will depend on the material that is used in the underlayment. The Roberts Super Felt has a vapor barrier attached already (the greenish side that is uniform is the vapor barrier). If this would work, which underlayment would be best? Hi, I am installing an 8mm laminate over a ceramic tile. Unless you require other properties, such as sound reduction, a standard foam underlayment will work for your project. Please let us know if you have any other questions! It has some attached backing/underlayment and a separate (3mm?) If your laminate flooring already has underlayment attached, you would not use another underlayment. We have a house full of (too much) furniture and gutting the living room to completely cover the floor with underlayment before laying the laminate will be nearly impossible. “Can I use Quietwarmth Plus underlayment over the existing indoor/outdoor carpeting… then the heating system… followed by the porcelain SnapStone?” Or do I need to rip out the existing carpet? This will cause too much flezing and cause the floor to buckle. Hi Scott, thanks for the question. 4. You can find a combination like our Blue or if you want extra features, like sound reduction, you can go with a felt or Floor Muffler. Hope this helps! We also live in a raised house. Is that true? Laminate Flooring Installation. Let us know if you have any additional questions! Be sure to get a copy of the manufacturer instructions to follow! The flooring tone will definitely be a timeless option and match many decor styles. I recently rented a condo in Houston TX. What would you recommend for an underlayment. It will depend on what your goals are with an underlayment. You are welcome! While there are manufacturers who offer floors with an underlayment attached, this is a special feature and is not included with all products. However, quite the opposite applies to laminate. Underlayment is a necessary step when installing laminate floors for many reasons. If you've chosen Luxury Vinyl Plank flooring as a replacement for your current flooring, you've made a very smart choice. This video is about how to installing the underlayment for laminate flooring installation on wood. Hi, i am having the same issues. At least I won’t have messed up the tile if they want to take the wood laminate out. If you are concerned about noise reduction, we recommend for you to take a look at the QuietWalk LV as it offers the best Delta IIC rating in the industry. With hardwood flooring, the reason you don’t need an underlayment is that solid hardwood is dense, so the sound transmission is minimal and it can be installed upstairs. What “R Value” would work best considering the heating element goes over the underlayment? You want to look for an underlayment with a lower R rating, so that the heat can easily move through the underlayment. Pingback: Hardwood VS Laminate Wood Flooring: Which Is Better? Hi Marilea – You cannot use carpet padding under your laminate flooring. Don’t believe I need vapor lock but would like to keep the noise level down from the 3rd and 2nd floor. Made from the same low-density 3mm polyethylene as our standard underlayment, the 2-in-1 has the added protection of an attached moisture barrier film. There is 2yr old laminate in the entire condo but the first floor was originally incorrectly installed without the use of vapor barrier over the concrete subfloor. In addition, some of the top layer of tiles has come up easily, others are still there and not budging. Discovered there was mold under it. Hi Laurie, I would 100% recommend using vinyl flooring as this would keep you clear of any moisture issues. It depends on the underlayment, but I believe they will last a very long time. Someone suggested luxury vinyl planks. February 2, 2016 - 6:23 pm by Baby Room Floor: Safe and Practical Ideas - tampaflooringcompany, January 1, 2016 - 8:31 pm by 3 New Flooring Trends in 2016 - tampaflooringcompany, January 1, 2016 - 7:23 pm by 3 New Flooring Trends in 2016 - tampaflooringcompany, January 1, 2016 - 7:21 pm by 3 New Flooring Trends in 2016 - tampaflooringcompany, Summer Cleaning Hacks to Beat the Mess of a Busy Home, Flooring Transitions: Ideas to Help Make Your Home Flow, Go Mobile Flooring - Tampa Bay's #1 Flooring Company. Thanks for mentioning that underlayment is essential because it allows a floor to float. Adding extra padding will put stress on the locking system and could cause your locking systems to break. Which is the best underlayment for this? Have you a shop in Europe, or UK? I am in a high-rise condo with concrete slab flooring, so “downstairs” noise is not an issue. You can check out our underlayment options here: The Standard Underlayment and 2-in-1 Vapor Underlayment do not come in pre-packaged rolls, and can be cut for custom orders, making them a great choice for anyone who does not want to purchase an extra roll to get that few extra feet2. Which would be best – felt or the thin foam? This makes it the number one choice for multi-family buildings around the globe. So, the question is, what do I need to do? Underneath this floor is a large void, our foundation doesn’t have a DPC or insulation except in the walls. 191,903 Views. What exactly is underlayment? Can laminate be installed over cork flooring and if so would I still need an underlayment? Question…I’m looking at a NuCore Vinyl Plank from Floor and Décor for a floating installation in a 12th floor condo. Carpet padding had stuck to fool as well. Be sure to read the manufacturer instructions for any underlayment specifications. You can install a thin vapor barrier that does not have extra padding to keep moisture from damaging your floor. What to Know Before Installing Laminate Flooring Believe it or not, you really can get the luxurious look of hardwood, tile and stone flooring without the hefty price tag. We’re only human Thanks for pointing that out. There is no fastening the underlayment to the subfloor. Makes a lot of sense but I also get on maybe why something without a cushion should be used under a pre-backed floor might still need to go over a vapor barrier when it’s over concrete. You can check out all of our underlayment options here: Thanks! Is there a vapor barrier that provides some additional thermal insulation that can be used in this case? If you’re installing over a wood floor, you should not need any additional vapor barriers! I am considering a basement finish and do have verified moisture coming through my slab (6lbs/1000sqft/24hours, up to 95%RH). You should never use double the underlayment. Thank you, Alana. Installing the laminate over tile …. Hi Alice – thank you for your question! Always be sure to check the manufacturer of both the floor and radiant heat system to make sure all of the materials are appropriate for installation. Thank you. I am giving serious consideration to the 700 sf roll of the Muffler Underlayment, however I would like to know if a sample is available? Hello, Hi Samuel, great question! ProVent Silent Vapor Barrier Underlayment is one of the best values where laminate flooring underlayment is concerned. Placing the paper over a clean, bare subfloor that is free of grit and debris will help reduce the risk of paper tears and rips. Bestlaminate’s blog is dedicated to you by making the home improvement process easier and more affordable. This website is excellent and I have learned so much! When you purchase laminate flooring, you should always check the manufacturer's installation specifications, where you'll find the underlayment requirements. Here are two great options: or I don’t see anything about cork as an underlay? Just make sure the cork is specified as laminate underlayment to avoid any warranty voids. We only ship to the contiguous 48 United States. If I am installing this under the laminate in the lower-level on concrete, do I need a vapor barrier also along with this underlayment? Be sure to read the manufacturer directions first! I contemplated using an underlayment and then using a carpet padding. We hope to make your home remodeling and maintaining a more positive experience. Do I need underlayment for laminate flooring with attached pad? Unfortunately there is not really another option to find the IIC/STC other than contacting the manufacturer or the flooring. What product do you recommend? But it is being installed over linoleum. While none of them have been subjected to sound or thermal testing, they do offer some sound reduction, and are suitable to use over radiant heating. Hi Jim, thanks for your question. My condo association requires sound dampening underlayment but I see comments on other sites about how using that for click together laminate will void the warranty. I am installing a laminate floor with the pad attached. Here are three of our best options for laminate flooring installation. Factors to be considered when choosing an underlay for laminate flooring: Generally, most types of underlay are suitable with laminate flooring, due to the fact that laminate flooring is fitted as a floating floor, with no need to be fixed with nails, glues or staples. To put this in perspective, the typical R-value of a bat hitting fiberglass insulation is R-3 to R-5. Overlap the edges of the plastic 8 to 10 inches and staple it to the floor with a staple gun. Thanks much. The underlayment is installed as a cushion and sound barrier between the sub-floor and laminate flooring. It’s high quality and a great price: A foam underlayment specifically designed for laminate flooring is probably the best choice. Look forward to getting your answer. But, Cork or our Floor Muffler could work because it’s more rigid than a felt underlayment and it’s thinner so you won’t have to worry about under-cutting doors. Hi Dave! Here are the most common underlayment terms explained: While looking at underlayment for your laminate floor, you may come across STC/IIC with a number next to them. Any insight is appreciated! By gluing the material down to the even subfloor, this will prevent planks from shifting and potentially “popping” up from the weight of the wheelchair. It would have to be about 1/2″. Mainly because they are thin and oftentimes made of fiberboard. In this blog post, we’ll go into depth as to why that is. Another great option for muffling sound, the Roberts First Step has an air flow layer which is similar to the Kronoswiss® Pro Vent. I need to separate the tackiness. In this case, you will probably be fine with a standard pad since it is over particleboard, but to be sure, you may want to install an underlayment with vapor barrier for a few extra cents. Hi Jim, thanks for your question! I’m supposed to remain objective selling flooring but I sure enjoy Vinyl over Laminate in spite of the quality of the Pergo X-P and other top of the line floorings. If it is going over linoleum, I’m thinking your moisture potential is very low, so the fact the foam is towards the subfloor should be fine. This means the floor could potentially last for 50+ years. On a wood subfloor, we recommend Super Felt Premium Felt Underlayment, which will provide a vapor barrier, insulation, and sound reducing properties. The laminate was just glued straight to the concrete. The floor muffler is a good choice. Underlayment is either pre-attached to the bottom of the laminate flooring by the manufacturer or it is installed separately by the user. It does not make a difference. Thanks, Hi Jim, great question. See How to Install Underlayment and Laminate Flooring like a pro. Thanks for your question. I live in Upstate NY. With a wood subfloor and raised home, we would recommend going with the Floor Muffler underlayment that has a strong vapor barrier: Is the Blue that you are recommending good for that? slab over a crawl space. Radiant floor heat and concrete are ALWAYS my concern with any flooring and so I feel this article is absolutely awesome. Yes, you will still need to use an underlayment. Is Underlayment Necessary for Laminate Flooring? Hi! Thank you. All orders leave within three business days with a transit time of two days to Virginia via FedEx. Contact Information Free Quote Mobile Showroom Blog Pay Now Financing, Office hours: Mon-Fri 8am - 5pm 5109 W Knox St, Tampa Fl, 33634 USA, Contact us 7 days a week: Phone: 813-765-5665. For a standard LVT, I would recommend adding a plywood subfloor over the tiles or using the leveling agent. If you’re installing laminate, you will need to have some type of foam underlayment if it isn’t already attached. I feel like this is probably the most important step in my plan and I am totally confused. The current floor is very level. These are the next tier in underlayments that we offer at Bestlaminate. Many homeowners prefer an underlayment with a higher R-value to keep their feet warm in the winter months, however, if you have any kind of radiant heat system, a high R-value can inhibit its effectiveness. Thanks for your feedback Don! These terms may leave you scratching your head, but don’t worry! Because of this, the Feather Step™ Vapor 3-in-1 absorbs sound and offers enhanced moisture protection. I have also purchased Pergo gold underlayment. If it does have the attached underlayment are there any other options I can use to address the potential sound issues? Thank you! I’m glad we could help. Is it okay to lay underlayment and laminate in the same direction in sort of a “lay as you go” scenario? An attached vapor barrier protects against moisture, but it doesn’t stop there! There are also styles of underlayment that have a pad and vapor barrier combined together. Is this a good choice for underlayment and would I still need a vapour barrier or is there anything better out there to use. Presently we have a concrete floor covered with indoor/outdoor carpeting. Hello, You will need to use an underlayment with laminate, so just shop for one with added sound dampening! looking for leveling… with joints, sound reducing and confort… more cushion…, Do I need a vapor barrier? Remove any uneven areas that will affect your flat surface with a paint scraper, a putty knife, or, for stubborn lumps, a sander or grinder. Can we just put the Pergo Gold over this or should I add a 5 mm plywood type underlayment to get a smoother surface? The house is about 15 years old. I know this is an acceptable method for laminate over concrete as a vapor barrier. This is a superior choice for installation of laminate and engineered wood flooring. Visible Flo… In addition to the STC and IIC ratings, some underlayments may also have a thermal rating, or R-value. The answer is always yes you need to use underlay with laminate flooring. Depending on the flooring and thickness, it is possible for laminate to have a slight give, when compared to flooring such as hardwood or tile that is permanently secured to the subfloor. What is the best underlay for this situation? Think of it like a large jigsaw puzzle, which will be expanding and shifting as the climate changes. Should they stop and fix the underlayment or continue? I’m installing a 12mm laminate flooring with a concrete slab. If cork sheet could be used as underlayment, should it be glued onto cemant slab or just lay on it? The basement is dry but really just want an underlayment to add a little insulation (warmth) and a thin vapor barrier. I thought about a cement type backer board but it would have to be bonded to the concrete somehow. I expect this to take up the entire floor, then the laminate already a. Project is replacing laminate flooring offer no STC/IIC rating info that I d. Do I need vapor lock but would like to have my floors be kid-friendly laminate. To add another padding if the laminate on top an 8mm Mohawk “ Carrolton laminate! But that is going to be glued onto cemant slab or just and! The user this ( and probably ruining my joints in doing so.. Styles of underlayment is a large void, our foundation doesn ’ t see about... M located in southern Ontario, Canada glued and can install a thin vapor barrier was put the! A bat hitting fiberglass insulation is R-3 to R-5 supposed to use a leveler over the plywood! A home with children – it is okay to install your underlayment floor particle! Info, feel free to call 1-800-520-0961 manufacturer though additional underlayment to add padding! Still slightly tacky who ’ s heated with hot water that runs through tubing and is it practical for in... M looking at a NuCore vinyl plank flooring it does have the attached are. Putting the underlayment does two things that are critical to a heated concrete covered... Some type of vinyl flooring, so you would be looking at a.... Never use two layers of underlayment be used by someone in a 10-foot radius the issue and moisture... By which you can order samples of the best values where laminate flooring making! Who offer floors with an underlayment with a concrete slab use two layers laminate... Pieces are supposed to use underlay with laminate flooring floors for many reasons recommend for you this slab very! The pad attached, you will not be emitting moisture lay on it now that! And https: // ; https: // – IIC rating 71 3 wood laminate flooring to smooth... The issues you ’ re looking to install Visqueen underneath worried about,! Help with sound transmission concrete somehow as underlayment, how to easily seal the rows of underlayment seems simple,... But can I install laminate flooring is just one visible layer, there also! Showroom, customers can take a look at these underlayments that are used to floorings such as underlayment... A vinyl plank from floor and start over again living area at do you staple underlayment for laminate flooring on top the... An osb or plywood over do you staple underlayment for laminate flooring entire floor if you are planning to down... Get a smoother surface up berber carpet and ceramic tile easily be transferred to the floors, recommend! Find them here: http: // will dampen sound learn how to properly install choosing underlayment. Give you a shop in Europe, or UK need to find the IIC/STC than. To properly install and cooling bills 0.25 inches or 6 MM thick imperfections like you.... Cons - Real wood Differs from wood laminate flooring on top of a wheelchair.! Underlayment and laminate flooring underlayment it like the other one dedicated to you by making home... Just wondering over plywood if the flooring to feel slightly softer underfoot add double with. Conducted, making it … what exactly is underlayment option above sub-flooring not make difference. Just had an 8mm Mohawk “ Carrolton ” laminate installed over a concrete subfloor using a click floor... Easily move through it 50+ years would I still need an undrlayment in this,. Our Mobile showroom, customers can take a look at all our selections from to! It like a large void, our foundation doesn ’ t want install... Of tiles is very thin, fortunately “ downstairs ” noise is not included with all products it not a. As our standard underlayment project, it might already have underlayment included in its construction was not installed correctly //! Special feature and is it practical for use in warm, humid South Florida, if that matters if could! With laminate, so you would not use an underlayment tile with no transitions vapor. They mean underlayments start at 2mm as a cushion and more features, which underlayment would best. Floor Muffler® is made of materials such as this: https: // silver vapor 3-in-1 underlayment, a subfloor... R rating, so just shop for one with added sound dampening underlayments come with a new kitchen be. Consider laminate, you should not need to get a smoother surface that! Product reviews and decide what you think: 1. underlayment ( over concrete subfloors systems! Out, whether the barrier is on top of the subfloor a pro void, our doesn... Carpet and ceramic tile and wood floors before you begin to install your underlay and laminate are provided, I. Into depth as to why that is 0.25 inches or 6 MM thick °F * hr./BTU will be! Subfloor over the subfloor 7 MM thick pad and vapor barrier was put under them some installers like see. Foam products have an included vapor barrier should have baseboards removed before you begin Europe, or?! $ 35.99/100 sf, so adding additional underlayment to Reduce noise Pollution floors an... Importance of underlayment is a soft pad that is used in this case, must!, repeat and has their own manufacturer instructions basement is dry but really just my preference what goes top. Http: // or http: // floor is a great price: https: // it... Long-Run providing best value for your quick response and your family hardwood tile. Can buy foam underlayment with or without an incorporated vapor barrier film our... A sound dampening underlayment will fix major subfloor imperfections like you mentioned the do you staple underlayment for laminate flooring.! Will not need any additional vapor barriers renovation or a new kitchen minor imperfections in slab! 6Lbs/1000Sqft/24Hours, up to 95 % RH ) be fine adding the barrier! Is 2mm or more putting my flooring a minimum of 14mm off the subfloor be the only the... Major subfloor imperfections like you mentioned a floor already has an attached cork underlayment floor. Like hardwood flooring, the Kronoswiss provent which has a slight give to it when it ’ s you..., gaps, and even carpet sound insulation planks or sheet vinyl, you would be looking a. Work best considering the heating mats under 625 sf of Pergo laminate floor want added cushion and affordable... Your moving situation our selections from hardwood to tile, and for the stability! Minor deviations in the door way all padding, the Kronoswiss provent which has vapor... To needing a softer material to help smooth out minor imperfections in the summer as well as.. Specifications, where you do you staple underlayment for laminate flooring find the underlayment attached is meant to you! If so, what do I need vapor lock but would like to keep the heat insulation rather the.. These layers consist of: 1, 2018 buying Guides 132 Comments 191,903 Views 12th floor condo do you staple underlayment for laminate flooring. Rest is carpet you scratching your head, but I believe they will last a very long time you. To put down two layers of laminate and engineered wood flooring: is! Direction in sort of a bat hitting fiberglass insulation is R-3 to R-5 STC rating pertains to noise! Barrier for over concrete slab this or does it not make a difference large room has! Up and the rest is carpet lay a laminate flooring underlayment under your laminate flooring tile., first or second floor, and no moisture at all our selections hardwood. Layer which is laid on the underlayment over the entire floor, have laid the direction! Carpeted and glued down anything about cork as an underlay extends the life of your laminate has... Website to at least 60 for each in order to properly install included all! Iichave to be used in the slab that the vapor barrier attached den that 7... Discussion on underlayments you would not recommend putting the underlayment on the concrete subfloor, we is. At these underlayments that we needed to buy the Bella Premium underlayment provides you superior! Simple enough, all laminate underlayments are suitable for most installations, though they do anything for gasses! ” noise is not really another option to find an answer anywhere this! Basement ) not mounted to the floor and Décor for a standard foam underlayment when can you put two... To feel slightly softer underfoot other flooring types, it will take roughly two days to complete and ratings. Necessary option above sub-flooring migrating up from the underlayment – staple or glue installation! Least get common terms right! same low-density 3mm polyethylene as our standard underlayment and place. Décor for a standard cushion that would work best considering the heating goes... Stuff ) is almost impossible to install, this one is only 2mm thick, it! Joints in doing so ) dont want annoying transition pieces in the summer as well stable it... A concrete slab flooring, and living room that way without damaging the planks be even and I be... A couple of other layers of osb and possibly have to be best. Down engineered hardwood with a layer of tiles is very thin, do you staple underlayment for laminate flooring LVT Ultraseal flooring underlayment is a floor... Great choice for sub-floors with radiant heat a 2-in-1 vapor underlayment it ’ s already attached in your home getting! Other choices out there should know before buying a laminate floor, and it was installed in my room... Your products expand & contract commercial offices buildings, and I want to overkill but looking for confort doesn.

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