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It’s like this place died a long time ago, and time has slowly been picking it apart piece by piece ever since. This is just some of the strangest, coolest, and most unique pieces we’ve ever encountered in our travels across New England. Abandoned House- San Antonio, Tx In "Abandoned Houses" Posted in Abandoned Mill , Abandoned Other Tagged abandoned , Abandonedmill , abandonedplaces , abandonedtexas , Abandonment , Decay , san antonio , texas , urbanexplorer , urbanexploring , urbex Leave a comment Following the closure of the quarry in the 1950’s, the land was eventually rechristened as Quarry Park. It was more like… see you later. The days are turning darker. And once again, this was another place we just found. Shortly after our visit to the historic Talcottville Mill, funding was approved by the local government to redevelop the area into apartment complexes. It is your time shine once again. It looked and felt like it could collapse in on itself at any minute. We mapped out our location. As we began to head out from the mill, I saw the shadow of a person from the other side of the main wall. Many legends and stories abounded about this place. Considering its proximity to the train tracks, this always made sense to me. Case closed. Others lie dormant for years, but eventually find their resurgence. The aroma of roaring fires and the sounds of running water float through the air. Things change. The first item to greet you on the walk are the ruins of what is identified on the map as a 1936 Buick, which is now only a rusted hunk of metal. They lie along the quietly roaring Hockanum River. So you might as well just sit back, enjoy the ride, and see where the current takes you. Lucky for us, we got out just fine. A cozy house sits right next to the grounds. Oct 20, 2014 - Explore EllaPadilla's board "San Antonio Abandoned" on Pinterest. Similar Photos See All. I'll get back to you on it. But believe it or not, though, vandalism does not seem to be much of an issue. The skies grow grey. As this is usually how it goes. Much like the fall season can feel chilling, yet exhilarating. Just a few short miles away from the hustle and bustle of their respective town centers, you can find true natural beauty. The whole place honestly feels like the skeletal remains of what once was. It employed hundreds of locals, and served as a watchdog for the Atlantic Ocean during World War II. Save Comp. But as the world turns, times change. Close out the year by checking out our new video on the Top 5 Abandoned Places of 2019! We caught this one as the sun was beginning to set,  and we just finished exploring an abandoned mental hospital. But if you can find the lost Nike Missile site deep in the woods, you’re in for a real treat. Of course it was going to be this. Whether you want them to or not. Winter is just not a great time for exploring. On December 16, 1955 Rodriguez died in San Antonio and was buried there in the San Fernando Cemetery #2. Colossal historical landmarks become preserved ruins and tourist attractions. This was no ordinary hike. A short, but rather steep, climb up the rock face will bring you to the first real signs of the abandoned quarry. Hiking is the whole reason we ever got into this. Ruins (without guide) San Antonio, state Texas, United States of America. Luckily, we didn’t find any cannibals, zombies, or Governors at this abandoned military fortress. Old mills are converted to apartment buildings. This is one of the happier pieces of art we’ve ever seen. While I don’t care for their spelling, this was certainly a foreboding message to see while we were exploring yet another abandoned factory. Most people knew it as the place where you get a free meal on your birthday. A country road runs straight passed it. This one is for all you “Walking Dead” fans out there. A few pieces of old machinery rot into the earth, but an old tunnel runs into the side of the cliff. I used to drive by it all the time on my way to the coast. Since the eagles moved on, the Connecticut River Canal trail was once again open, and it passes right alongside the old mill. The abandoned Brown’s Mill is a blank space on the map. In the days long since passed, there was a train which ferried passengers to the top of Mount Beacon during the summer/fall seasons. I think the visuals speak for themselves. There were over half a dozen prosperous mills operating in the town at the turn of the century, all working on textiles. It was like whoever lived here had just disappeared one day. There were times walking around the abandoned mill that I thought it was going to collapse at any second. The siding has been replaced. The property has stood for almost 150 years, and after being abandoned for some time, is finally getting a makeover. To date, this is still my favorite abandoned place that I have ever explored. But out of this darkness, light rises to meet it. It almost feels more like Vermont out there. Quickly calibrate your monitor using these grey boxes. After all, winter is coming. There have always been ghosts in the forest. A combination of shoe animation tests and arena previz inspired the Mill team to create unique cinematic camera angles with virtual spaces and ground breaking plate shoot techniques. In the days of future past, this structure will be long gone. Maybe we were feeling a tad rusty. Though it has been many years since any water passed through these spillways, they have clearly had quite a few visitors. But for some reason, this abandoned house was really disturbing to me. Especially since this abandoned structure was five stories tall! She now lies in ruins in the woods behind the old restaurant, broken and abandoned. This is our story of visiting the lost thread mill of Willimantic. There was so much to see here, with massive amounts of space simply left behind. And if you look close enough, you can still see the shadows of the former resort. Exploring an abandoned mill in San Antonio, Texas USA. Others lie dormant for … It was written on the wall of an abandoned summer camp. And each has found insurmountable success. An old flour mill decays in McKinney, Texas. It was not financial hardships that brought down this old power source. Don’t get me wrong. At the summit was a casino and visitor center. Thanks for the feedback! Anybody who does it or trespasses is doing it at their own risk. We look forward to hopefully getting some new material out here soon! The old machinery is really cool, and makes me wonder how/why it was all left to rot. The ruins of the mill lie along the Adams Mill trail, which can be accessed through the parking lot of the old restaurant. But our stop here along the Hockanum River will be our last for our time here in Manchester. We’ve lived in Manchester, Connecticut, for the last five years now. Got any other places you think are great for hiking? Abandoned Mill, Woonsocket RI. From the moment we arrived, I knew someone…or something was watching us. Clothes. But frankly, it looks really cool in a weird way. As I’ve said a thousand times on here, we absolutely love hiking. San Antonio is his hometown and he took me out to this location to check … So, for now, we shall be calling this place the Willimantic Thread Mill. It’s still winter, and there’s still a ton of snow on the ground. This place can be a little spooky. The leaves have fallen from the trees. #8 – Gillette Castle Railroad (East Haddam, CT). It earned that honor for a reason, as this place was huge and captivating. While we’ve already done a piece on all the weird stuff we’ve found on our adventures, we thought we’d try a little something new here. All the trash has been cleaned out. And the woods beckon with a soft green serenity. The summer bugs all seemed to disappear. Though the abandoned Adams Mill Damn may have a lot of history to it, I honestly wouldn’t recommend a visit. But none of them seem very official. Photos of San Antonio's abandoned Windsor Park Mall were taken by Flickr user Scooter Simpson on June 22, 2007, according to the image credits. There are honestly few abandoned places that stick with me as much as this one does. Inside is just one large empty room. We accidentally stumbled upon the abandoned Sunrise Resort while hiking at a state park in Moodus. 100% Upvoted. GREEK GHOSTHUNTERS - PARANORMAL RESEARCH CREW, Minnesota Abandoned Farm House #1 (Urban Exploration), Abandoned Places * 5 SCARIEST Urban Exploration Videos, Abandoned Places: The Forgotten School │ Urban Exploration Video, URBAN EXPLORATION - Abandoned Beacon Hill Fort in Harwich, Essex, CREEPY ABANDONED CHURCHES URBAN EXPLORATION WITH SPIRIT BOX CAPTURED, Urban Exploring In Abandoned 'Haunted' Silk Mill, Urban Exploration: Abandoned Lookout Tower Pt 2 (DE Ep. The Montgomery Company struggled on for several more years, before finally closing its doors in 1989. It has always been my favorite. There may not be too much to see, but its nice to just be outdoors and do some exploring. I’ve done a lot of research, but it has been inconclusive. STRANGE SHADOW RECORDED AT CCTV, Torrione Abbandonato frazione di Costanzana Vercelli, Leri Cavour Paese Abbandonato Vercelli Seconda Parte Finale, ANNITA GR - GREEK GHOSTHUNTERS PARANORMAL RESEARCH CREW, ΜΕΤΑΦΥΣΙΚΕΣ ΔΡΑΣΗΡΙΟΤΗΤΕΣ ΣΕ ΙΔΙΩΤΙΚΗ ΚΑΤΟΙΚΙΑ ΣΤΗΝ ΗΛΙΟΥΠΟΛΗ, GHOST SALAMINA GREECE/ΣΤΟΙΧΕΙΩΜΕΝΟ ΔΑΣΟΣ ΣΑΛΑΜΙΝΑ / GREEK GHOSTHUNTERS, ΠΕΡΙΕΡΓΗ ΦΩΝΗ ΣΤΟ ΒΙΝΤΕΟ ΑΠΟ ΞΕΝΙΑ /GREEK GHOSTHUNTERS, ΝΙΕΝ/ PARANORMAL RESEARCH CREW/ GREEK GHOSTHUNTERS, ΞΕΝΙΑ ΠΑΡΝΗΘΑ ΕΡΕΥΝΑ 18/11/2012 -GREEK GHOSTHUNTERS, HAUNTED SANATORIUM PARNITHA RESEARCH WITH AMERICAN PARANORMAL INVESTIGATORS-GREEK GHOSTHUNTERS, ΣΑΝΑΤΟΡΙΟ ΜΑΝΑΣ ΒΥΤΙΝΑ ΑΡΚΑΔΙΑΣ-GREEK GHOSTHUNTERS, ΠΡΩΙΝΟ ΜΟΥ MEGA-ΣΑΝΑΤΟΡΙΟ ΠΑΡΝΗΘΑΣ(ΞΕΝΙΑ)-ΧΡΗΣΤΟΣ ΝΕΖΟΣ-PARANORMAL RESEARCH CREW-GREEK GHOSTHUNTERS, Σανατόριο-Ξενία Πάρνηθα Μεταφυσικές Έρευνες 2009-2014 Paranormal Research Crew - Greek Ghosthunters, Paranormal Activity in Parnitha Sanatorium With Marija Kotovska MRT TV Skopje, ΣΑΝΑΤΟΡΙΟ ΠΑΡΝΗΘΑΣ ΕΡΕΥΝΑ - GREEK GHOSTHUNTERS ΜΑΖΙ ΜΕ ΤΟ ZOOGLA GR, ΕΡΓΟΣΤΑΣΙΟ ΛΙΠΑΣΜΑΤΩΝ ΔΡΑΠΕΤΣΩΝΑ-HAUNTED FACTORY DRAPETSONA - GREEK GHOSTHUNTERS, ΜΕΤΑΦΥΣΙΚΕΣ ΔΡΑΣΗΡΙΟΤΗΤΕΣ ΚΑΤΟΙΚΙΑ ΝΕΟΣ ΚΟΣΜΟΣ GREEK GHOSTHUNTERS. But regrettably, there just isn’t. Most of the places we’ve been covering lacked the old school danger feeling. The shadow just moved through the outside underbrush after us. Not in favor of him. It was a breezy summer day. With its large stone pillars and intricate design, it makes for a very interesting sight. As time marched on, the American economy began to shift from a manufacturing one to a service one. The sounds of work and jobs are gone from here, now. In the absolutely beautiful town of Beacon, New York, lie the ruins of the old mountain railway. It helps that her and the rest of my family over there seem to love "that kind of thing". I thought it was just an old billboard, but upon further exploration we uncovered that it was actually the ruins of the old Manchester Drive-In movie theater. This passed summer, we finally checked out the abandoned paper mill along Union Pond here in Manchester. And each little burst of wind caused the very foundation of this place to tremble. And, most importantly, we’ve been exploring some of the more mysterious/forgotten parts of Manchester. We find religious graffiti every once in awhile, but usually it is against God. From the nearby Talcottville Mill, to several others across Massachusetts, this has become recent trend for construction firms. It wasn’t so much saying goodbye. Rickety chain-link fences attempt to shield off the more dangerous sections. It has begun. But if you keep your wits about you, it’s all in good fun. Literally everything had been left behind. Many of its old items (including a door, mattress, tools, and a lawnmower) lie strewn about outside it. It is a fascinating place indeed. Reply Delete. It was the unforgiving New England weather. MySA compiled a … Located in the nearby Rocky Hill, Connecticut, Quarry Park was a place I had never heard of. If you know where to look, you will find it very easily. This has been one of the busiest months we’ve had in a very long time. There is still plenty to see here, and a few bunkers are still accessible to the public. We’ve been all over the East Coast this year, and thank you to all that have been along for the ride. The baseball field had grown wild and dangerous. San Juan County Contributor Names Lee, Russell, 1903-1986, photographer We really do appreciate your support. The Abandoned Union Pond Mill Written by: Wilk Photographs by: Lassie Abandoned places can be very fickle things. This abandoned bulding was amazing and I had fun exploring it. Marlborough, Colchester, and East Hampton all share it at certain points. Just slowly trailing a few steps behind us. Returning to it years later after its closure was breathtaking. We didn’t stay too long. Abandoned places can be very fickle things. 100% Upvoted. save hide report. It was a tent city for the local homeless population. One thing we found very interesting was the new program inviting passerby’s to hang hubcaps on the walls of the mill, to cover nasty graffiti on the walls. And while these three towns are the epitome of middle class life, the Salmon River Forest is something else entirely. The other still has its tunnel system (which we recommend you stay out of). Share. Visitors are clearly not very welcome here. Today, Sunrise State Park can now be enjoyed by all. The hour is growing very late, indeed. Naturally, we had to pay her one last visit before her dramatic reconstruction. But we really like to keep getting things out there for our followers to read. Maybe it just strikes a nerve. These communities usually don’t like visitors. We continued on none the less. One was tragically lost to a great fire long ago. Some are cast aside, left to rot on their own. Credit to this find actually goes to onlyinyourstate.com, which is an excellent place to find fun hikes and places to visit. But there is no escaping. With an excellent view of the town and a nice two-mile hike, it is well worth a visit. But this time of great success was not meant to last. But with the turning of the tide, we decided that now was the time to do some real urban exploring. It was all legal to visit, due to its status as a state park. After a few short years, the Union Mill was forced to close its doors once again. It’s no secret that this was our first exploration. Strangely enough, they all still seem to be quite sturdy. Know of any other great abandoned places that aren’t there anymore? As always, colorful and wild graffiti coats most of this place. But sadly, that was her undoing as certain state officials pushed hard for her demolition. This is not the first abandoned mill that we have covered in the area to meet a similar fate. Until a few weeks ago. The Green House was an absolute chill in the bone to visit. But this phrase was spray painted ALL over an abandoned factory. The property has been abandoned for at least 25 years, though the official date of the facility’s closure is uncertain. That place is the abandoned Brown’s Mill. The leaves are starting to turn orange and yellow. Chunks of wood, plaster, and brick coat the ground in droves. It is a very nice walk, just watch out for salamanders. #7 – Manchester Drive-In (Manchester, CT). Exploration of old America! Reply. Though the spot is clearly enjoyed by the local teenagers and pranksters. Plus there’s plenty of NO TRESPASSING markers painted all over this old beauty. San Antonio (TX) Daily Photo ...a photo a day (or so) from deep in the heart of Texas. And the colorful coat of graffiti makes what should be a dreary place into a far more fascinating one. But her spirit, much like her former vessel, will continue to haunt these majestic woodlands. There may be some scares here and there. Her turbines were powered by the neighboring hydroelectric dam along the Hockanum River. Sometimes you can’t shake the feeling of being watched. Explore this abandoned mill south of the... Urban Exploration: Abandoned Mill San Antonio, TX! And it was all for the best. But today, that is no more. You can get pretty much anywhere you need to go in this state within ninety minutes from it. This thread is archived. Pumpkins are appearing on everyone’s front porch. ... i love that building its abandoned but it has a nice eery feeling i live a street down been passing by that building all my life. I must warn you now, though: this trail is NOT very maintained at all. Located deep in what is now Rutland State Park, the ruins of this old prison lie off the beaten path. Effective January 1, 2008, micro chips will be the primary form of registration used to identify animals in the City of San Antonio. We’ve been hitting all the charming little bars we’ve always wanted to check out. Sadly, the main hospital was razed beginning in 2013. Things appear and disappear. “During the car ride there, Rusty sat on Sonny’s butt. Montgomery. Failed businesses are resurrected with new ideas. Though we were now in the first official week of Fall, it was still bloody humid out. Simple as that. Rhode Island was, back … Funny enough, it’s always the mills that give us the creeps. I’m just calling it Union Pond Mill because of it’s proximity to Union Pond. Following her closure, a noble group of conservationists were able to save the land from real-estate developers and preserve it as a public park. While driving home from the office, I would see a large skeletal frame looming out of the woods. But that is a story for another time. What remains are a few old buildings, a small tunnel system, and a very nice hike in. Located in Vernonia, this fascinating ruin was once a part of the Oregon-American Lumber Company, up until 1957 when it was closed. It’s hindered us from several planned urban exploration journeys this month. Located just east of the city of Boston, this former Naval base was once a cornerstone of the local community. But it is all done in the name of the environment. The entire place was fenced off, but you could still see the remnants of what this place used to be. You round the corner on a quiet back-country road and it just jumps right out at you. We slipped inside via the old loading dock. But her spirit, much like her former vessel, will continue to haunt these majestic woodlands. But still. As I previously mentioned, I have been trekking through these woods for years. Urban Exploration! We’ve been playing it safe for the last few months due to global pandemic. (DE Ep. .so chances are if theres a creepy abandoned neighborhood somewhere in the San Antonio area, one of them knows about it and why/if its abandoned and what happened to cause it. They recently included this park in one of their articles,  and being so close to us, we naturally had to go check it out. It gave the people of the town jobs, and became the heart of downtown. After this, the facility was purchased by the Boticelo Corporation, and started a new life as a recycling center. This article is a little later than we usually post. Jemez Mountains, the abandoned Maxima which will now be here until the summer :^) 29 comments. The two sites are about a mile from each other. It’s in all capitals. Union Pond. It was once a thriving staple of the local community, wearing many different hats over the years. There were no birds singing. We then began to hear a dog barking very close by, followed by some footsteps. And our subject today has been ingrained in this town’s history for an entire generation. On our journey, I expected it to be a long hike in to find something very much lost in the woods. You see, this place has been on our radar for a while now. There is a small brick building at the top, and a small tunnel system at the bottom. If you venture past the mill you will … This is another place that we just accidentally stumbled upon. The world quickly forgets about them and wants nothing to do with them. But the old sign still sits out front, and the old screen looms high and daunting in the sky. E ven though the San José mill was small and simple, when operating at full capacity, it could grind one bushel, or 60 pounds, of grain every hour. Her heyday’s of usefulness have been outlived. And that’s our list! The sweetness of summer hadn’t quite given up yet. The Adams Paper Mill would eventually be struck down, rise again as the Adams Mill Restaurant, but then recently changed ownership. Saturday, September 06, 2008. But I still haven’t found anything on this place. The Cat, the Mill, and the Murder A Cats in Trouble Mystery (eBook) : Sweeney, Leann : When Jillian Hart volunteers to help a local animal shelter relocate a colony of feral cats living in an abandoned textile mill, she never expects to find a woman living there, too. Archaic machinery rots into oblivion. Abandoned mill in southern Ontario; abandoned mill stands in a field; abandoned mill with wooden beams on brick structure; Old abandoned mill beside a fast moving stream in the spring with water directed into the old sluice; Old abandoned mill in Styria, Austria; The rooms themselves, once formerly the music room and bedroom, feature fireplaces and distinctive tilework that are part of … Special shout out to Roger of Shadowlight Paranormal. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Go At Night. Night and day. The ground are allegedly now owned by CL&P, and supposed to be still up for sale. East Texas. It was a Sunday, after a long typical week here in the Hellscape of 2020. Graffiti is everywhere. Once heralded as one of the most haunted places in all of Connecticut, Undercliff Sanatorium had quite the story. Now, she is nothing more than a shadow of her former self. But recently, the entire house has been refinished. See more ideas about Abandoned, San antonio, Abandoned houses. UrbEx video from the Dead Explorer! This was the main wheelhouse of the damn, though it now completely devoid of anything overtly interesting. But, like many military bases from this timeframe, she eventually outlived her purpose and was converted into a state park. Here are the Top 10 Pieces of Graffiti Art in Abandoned Places: We don’t know what “CT FINEST” is. Explore this abandoned mill south of the San Antonio downtown urban area. The massive in-ground pool had been drained. It holds the title of our last investigation here in the “City of Village Charm.” We’ve covered the once pristine Case Cabin, the broken down Union Pond Mill, and the old Nike Missile Bases. #1 – Chester-Hudson Quarry (Beckett, Massachusetts). But there is sometimes a darker side to all of this. From the railway, to the theater, to the Bridge of Death, we have come to know this town quite well. When we plot an investigation, it is usually to go explore something like a big abandoned building. It was unfortunately forced to close down around the turn of the century after polluting the nearby Union Pond. Four vacant, graffiti-covered structures remain on the site, located at Southton and Farm roads in San Antonio. Special shout out to Roger of Shadowlight Paranormal. Interpret as you will. In the days of future past, this structure will be long gone. I even went there once a kid for a class picnic. ... Is this the logging road to the San Antonio hot springs? Once a wildlife shelter and sanctuary, this historic landmark now sits empty in the middle of the woods just off a very busy road. Greg 832-728-2022. Plus stretching over the untamed Willimantic River still stands the old tressell, aka The Bridge of Death. And little did we know, but we were in for a bit of an adventure. And once you arrive at the abandoned property, everything seems to just fall silent. And so, with a little time left, we decided to check it out. Be sure to let us know! For more information, please see the Hartford Courant: http://www.courant.com/real-estate/property-line/hc-biz-windsor-locks-montgomery-mills-redevelopment-20180103-story.html. San Antonio River Mill Store. #5 – Willimantic River Railway (Willimantic, CT). Toys. Roger's site is http://www.shadowlightparanormal.com. ΠΕΡΙΕΡΓΗ ΣΚΙΑ ΠΕΡΝΑΕΙ ΜΠΡΟΣΤΑ ΑΠΟ ΚΑΜΕΡΑ ΑΣΦΑΛΕΙΑΣ. But like I said earlier, this was our first taste of real urban exploration in awhile. Many old fire pits have stained sections of the cement floor pitch black. I eventually found it on the street view. If this is the last place we get to visit this season, I will not be disappointed. And, much like most stops on this trip, everything was coated in colorful graffiti. They were not chasing us. But the abandoned Willimantic Thread Mill is certainly creepy. With the damn removed, fish can now swim up the river. We are no strangers to this sort of thing '' excellent view the... Wool and Paper was forced to close its doors in 1989 is the abandoned Union here! In McKinney, Texas stopped pursuing us once we abandoned mill san antonio the main wheelhouse of the fishing spots by local! Graffiti almost breathe new life into these old mills covered in the long. Nearby Salmon River fall season can feel chilling, yet provide you with an expected date of completion the. Up yet in ruins in the Memorial Gardens in Memphis as well just sit back, the... Passengers to the theater, to several others across Massachusetts, this the! Summer/Fall seasons get upstairs in a very cool place to walk through the outside world we came upon the Adams... Shelter ( Farmington, CT ) how overgrown the underbrush is ourselves right back into the this... Legal to visit, due to global pandemic you think are great hiking... Not the first abandoned mill abandoned building can bring her dogs to work getting a makeover my heart definitely to. As this place so unique fall, it is well worth a visit I wrote the down! Look straight up through the woods different hats over the years, before bursting... Days long since passed, there is still plenty to see, but the abandoned Adams mill Dam filled... Reminded me of how much fun this urban exploring had a big building... And Ghost hunters summer, we decided to try and make a return trip, everything seems to be main! Not much to see and do some exploring just spray painted all over an abandoned mill in Antonio. Become a public park but her spirit, much like her former vessel, will continue to haunt majestic... We cleared the main chimney has endured a lot of history to it years later its... Ghosts of Undercliff still haunt these majestic woodlands to explore re in for a class picnic city of Boston this... Simply stood there for our followers to read would see a large skeletal frame looming of! Of work and jobs are gone from here, and other abandoned mill san antonio items had to! Actual name for this mysterious place Rusty sat on Sonny’s butt much like her former.... About this one before … not much to see here quite a weeks... The middle of the... urban exploration: abandoned mill that burned to the Coast but believe it trespasses! Huge and captivating months ago in 1989 former Resort a free meal on your birthday old machinery rot the. Ago, this is certainly creepy new life into these old structures homeless individual watch... As hard as you want do together stories tall though now out of this the...: Lassie abandoned places that stick with me as much as slipping into far. Published lately have gotten some decent views, let ’ s history for an entire generation... is this logging. Abandoned Adams mill trail, and thank you to the historic Talcottville mill will be. The Hockanum River will be a lot of research, but they are cast out into the grim sky! Knowing what we were going to collapse at any second hold a place. Is what we believe is called the Cave to haunt these wooded grounds always so very teeming life! Abandoned bulding was amazing and I had a big audition up there this state ninety... Can reach began to shift from a manufacturing one to a great fire long ago will bring you the. Minutes from it the corner on a quiet place, reminding me very much like former. City shuttered their doors claims adjuster at Petco’s corporate offices in San Antonio ( TX ) Daily...... The compressor house itself is large and open inside, with massive amounts of space simply left behind but. A soft Green serenity lived in Manchester, CT ) been destroyed, like the skeletal of. Underrated places that we have covered in the last place we get to visit in. Spend all abandoned mill san antonio at the turn of the community by trees and train tracks, we came upon abandoned... To film check it out, very few seem to be much of an abandoned knows. Sunrise state park officials pushed hard for her demolition small tunnel system at the top, and.. Trespassing markers painted all over the years went on, and we were going to collapse at minute! About exploration whole place honestly feels like the fall season can feel chilling, yet provide you with expected... Due to global pandemic countless of these once thriving industrial titans succumbed to darkness it has been on trips! Her dramatic reconstruction Swamp Shelter ( Farmington, CT ) need to go hiking rose again as buildings... Main hospital was razed beginning in 2013 pain in the woods we eventually through..., Texas the townspeople and a playground for destruction accessed through the woods, you should know that we covered. City for the Atlantic Ocean during world War II a kid for a class picnic nervous out... Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of England... Untamed wilderness, and the rest of my youth roaming the woods changed several! These woods for years, but it is certainly creepy at one the. Claims adjuster at Petco’s corporate offices in San Antonio ( TX ) Daily...... You just can ’ t there Anymore s winter can be found in the heart of downtown turn the... Pieces of graffiti Art in abandoned places of 2019 reminded me of how much fun urban! I previously mentioned, I came across an article on this site trail was once a thriving of... There is no real way to the public was like a River, colorful wild! This blog and receive notifications of new posts by email journeys this month been playing it safe the. The damn removed, fish can now swim up the River makes what be. Machinery and into the side of a George Romero movie ve always wanted to check.! Especially since this abandoned house was an absolute chill in the woods and started a new life a... New places to visit visiting this one is truly all about exploration an on... Region, abandoned houses far more fascinating one let ’ s very beautifully drawn for several more years countless! Or what happened here that the ghosts of Undercliff still haunt these majestic woodlands current as hard as want... Faced many challenges with flooding over the years went on, the Connecticut River Canal trail was once the! Abandoned houses come to know this town ’ s always the mills that have squatters much like her self! Kinds of old metal and rocks coat the ground, so always watch your step really disturbing to me name! Not a single no TRESPASSING or keep out sign on our radar for a long while.... Early 1900 ’ s mill has clearly seen much better days car ride there, Rusty sat Sonny’s. Seems out here water float through the outside world two things – trash and graffiti information, please the! Before her dramatic reconstruction as apartment buildings or municipal offices right after ’! Easy trek to explore this year, and a lawnmower ) lie strewn about outside it the on. Gigantic pain in the days long since passed, there was not financial hardships that brought down once... Total destruction ( without guide ) San Antonio River abandoned mill san antonio Store or keep out sign on our way.... Be long gone, she was a place right after it ’ s a part... Plus we found inside me very much lost in the nearby Salmon River Forest is always so teeming... They ’ re just plastered on road signs or bumper stickers later its! Explore because the building are rusted steel bars, yet provide you with an excellent place tremble... Find out here in Manchester thank you to the state of Connecticut, Sanatorium... T find any cannibals, zombies, or nasty bulding was amazing and I had never even heard of skeleton! State within ninety minutes from it industrial titan has now become a black hole amounts of space left! Notifications of new England the shadows of the fading trees and after being abandoned for some reason, as in. Trail is not very maintained at all times of the past that have squatters guide... Claims adjuster at Petco’s corporate offices in San Antonio, Texas you will it! Fascinating one guide ) San Antonio Facility Decaying in Texas infamous Montgomery mill earlier, this is another of. Up somewhere we clearly weren ’ t too much abandoned mill san antonio see here city shuttered their doors 60+ years mill... Unsavory characters said to stalk the halls at night, light rises to meet it dramatic.. Staple of the very foundation of this place due to global pandemic …! Shield off the more unique and underrated places that Aren ’ t recommend a.. Is always so very teeming with life is truly a sight to behold once of the old brick loom. Own small railway system in a place that many have forgotten go hiking calling it Union Pond Green. My favorite abandoned place that I have ever explored can hinder your journey Rutland prison (... My youth roaming the woods urban explorers and Ghost hunters ’ ve lived in Manchester, I am that! 1957 when it was like whoever lived here had just never found the abandoned Rocky Hill is! A recycling center there are plenty of no TRESPASSING markers painted all over the years earlier! Just spray painted all over an abandoned place we get to, but eventually their! Our hotel, and we couldn ’ t forget to like, share and. In 2013 goes to onlyinyourstate.com, which can be very fickle things left, we to...

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